Deco SS Sheets withpopular surface like hair line (HL), No.4, No.8 and vibration are widely used for production of elevator carbins and doors and for interior and exterior decoration.
Deco SS Pattern Etched Sheets are unique and excellent with etching technology applied on the surface of No.8, No.8 Ti-Gold, No.4, HL (Hairline),… This kind of products are used for luxurious architecture.
Deco SS Color Sheets with PVD technologyare bright and available in many colors which do not fade along the time with the application of PVD technology. The products are used for high class architecture, which are the proud of not only the suppliers, but also the constructors and the users.  
Thickness: 0.3mm ~ 1.5mm, other sizes provided at request 
Width: 1000/1219/1250mm 
Length: 2000/2438/2500/3048/4000mm