Pure zinc wires

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Diameter: 0.40mm to 10mm

Surface: Bright or lubricated finishes depending on the requirement.

Chemical composition: Zinc = 99.995%min.; Lead = 0.025%max.; Cadmium = 0.02%max.; Iron = 0.01%max.; Tin = 0.001%max.; Copper = 0.002%max.; Total impurities = 0.05%max.

Mechanical characteristics: Density: 7.14g/cm3; Melting point: 420oC; Boiling point: 907oC; Electrical conductivity: 0.166 x 106g/cmΩ; Thermal conductivity: 1.16WWcmk; Shrink rate: 0.01 (0.01 in/in)

Packing: in coils, drums, MIG reels, plastic spools and hard board reels.
Origin: India, China