Characteristics: a kind of fine square aperture weaving wire mesh, having good stability and resistance to rust, heat, acid, alkaline and corrosion.
Aperture size (mesh/inch): 14 x 14; 16 x 16; 18 x 18; 20 x 20; 22 x 22; or as per customer's request.
Characteristics: square aperture, each weft wire passes over one and under one warp wire, and each warp wire passes over one and under one weft wire, every weft wire have and warp wire the same diameter.
Characteristics: Stainless steel wires are crimped before weaving.
Materials: AISI 304, 304L, 316, 316L,...
Dimension: As per customer's request
Characteristics: in square or retangular aperture, mesh is made of selected stainless steel wires through the process of automation and sophisticated welding technique. Every wire has the same diameter.